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The department is involved in screening of natural and synthetic drugs for their pharmacological activities using in vitro and in vivo models involving preclinical and toxicological studies. Knowledge on experimental skill is imparted to students through computer aided visuals. Pharmacology provides the platform for establishing the therapeutic potential for new agents and formulations. The department objectives are designed to make the students familiar with drugs, the action of drugs, use of drugs, doses and toxic symptoms and to promote research activities.

The primary aim of the department is the discovery of chemical mechanisms by which cellular and molecular functions are regulated for the purpose of understanding how existing drugs act and to develop new drugs for treatment and diagnosis of human diseases. Drugs and chemicals produce their effects only through modifications of underlying biological systems, their actions are useful in regulating not only normal functions of cells and organisms but also the abnormal processes which occur in diseases. Pharmacology gives immense scope for exploration into diversified subdomains such as signalling and molecular mechanisms of medicines, clinical pharmacology and biopharmaceutics, non-clinical and clinical trials.

The department has a well-maintained CPCSEA approved Animal House (Research for Commercial Purpose). The institution has an Institutional Animal Ethical Committee (IAEC), which comprises of experts and eminent personalities from various fields. The IAEC conducts its meetings at regular intervals.