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E-Library & Information Centre

LIBRARY MISSION: To provide continuous access to the Knowledge and Information in the Library to the students and faculty of the Institute for achieving excellence in their chosen disciplines.

A library stocked with all the necessary books in pharmaceutical sciences in sufficient numbers for all the students for their convenient use. The college subscribes many important National and International Journals. Numerous reference materials are also added to the library regularly. Internet facility is also available for quick and easy literature search.

Journal, National Journal

  • Indian Journal of Pharmacology
  • Indian Drugs
  • Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B
  • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts
  • India Journal of Biotechnology
  • Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice
  • Natural Products Radiance
  • Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
  • Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
  • Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Indian Journal of Natural Products
  • Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Research

International Journal

  • Indian Journal o Heterocyclic Chemistry(An International Journal)
  • International Journal of Pharma Research

Periodical Journal

  • Express Pharma.
  • Pharma Times.
  • Chronicle Pharma Biz
  • The Pharma Review
  • IJPER API Bulletin


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