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Vision & Mission

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To lead the way towards effective global health care by developing innovative teaching practices, pre-eminence in education, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research and patient care that optimizes the health and wellness of the individuals and community.


The mission of Prime College of Pharmacy is to prepare students to become Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists who are the leaders in any setting. The College provides a quality education that effectively integrates critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills. Research in the Pharmaceutical, social and clinical sciences and its translation into health care is a key component of our mission. The College achieves its mission by striving for excellence in education, community service and research, all directed towards enhancing the health and quality of life of the people.

College goals

  • Providing a dynamic educational experience to a high-achieving, high-potential and diverse student body, thus empowering them to become leaders in patient-centred interprofessional care.
  • Leading in innovative research in pharmaceutical sciences and practice while embracing the value of interdisciplinary work.
  • Establishing relationships with patients, decision makers and practitioners to meet changing needs, model patient-centred care and shape the evolving health care system.
  • Preparing graduate students, residents and post-doctoral fellows to become the next generation of scientists, advanced practitioners and educators.
  • Attracting and retaining outstanding and diverse faculty and staffs.