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Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

The department imparts profound knowledge of traditional systems of medicines and studies safety, efficacy and biological activity of herbal plants and products. Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline that deals with rapid developments in the knowledge and utilization of medicinal substances of biological origin (plant, microorganism and animal products) used in human and veterinary purpose. Now a days there is significant demand of reference standards from medicinal plants. The department is involved in the area of discovery and development of herbal drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals quality control and analysis of principal component/markers; studies on herbal cosmetics, screening of new drug molecules, standardized herbal drugs/extracts for their bioactivities. A systematic and scientific validation of traditional drugs is an important task of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry department.

The Pharmacognosy lab is mainly concerned with the principles and procedures used in the identification, authentication, extraction, isolation of active constituents by chromatography techniques, purification and development of herbal formulations and assay methods for the isolated constituents apart from the academic syllabus. We maintain a well-established Herbarium museum in the Pharmacognosy lab. The department also maintains a medicinal garden in our college campus with documented collections of living plants with educational displays for scientific research, conservation and facilitate a direct view of good medicinal plants and improve the cultivation knowledge within our students.