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Pharmaceutical Analysis

The department of Pharmaceutical Analysis is committed to the training of high calibre pharmacy professionals through the implementation of an effective quality management system and has the state of art facilities for qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals, development and application of analytical methods and techniques relevant to pharmaceutical and toxicological sciences. We aim at both theoretical and practical education to assure the quality, safety and efficacy of drugs, which fulfils one of the basic tasks of pharmaceutical studies.

The department emphasis on variety of analytical techniques such as titrimetric, chromatographic, spectroscopic, electrophoretic and electrochemical and their corresponding methods that have been applied in the analysis of Pharmaceuticals. The department has well maintained laboratories with sophisticated apparatus and a central instrumentation room with advanced versions of analytical equipments is also available. Instruments like HPLC, UV spectrophotometer, Polari meter, Flame photometer, Refractometer, Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Digital Potentiometer etc are employed for regular teaching and research.